Natural. Timeless. Exquisite.

Natural. Timeless. Exquisite. That's what today's homeowner wants! And when it comes to finding the area's largest display of Natural Stone like Tavertine, Granite, Marble and Onyx, La Terra Stone has the area's newest and most complete display


La Terra Stone wasa born out of a need to bring "natural" to today's "green lifestyle". Natural Stone has been forming for millions of years and comes from all over the world and we have a sampling of it on display in our showroom.


Yes, natural stone has been forming for millions of years! And be assured it is going to be around for a long time. Using natural stone inside your home or outdoors in a patio or landscape assures you that unlike some man made brick pavers and composite countertops, it will not fade deteriorate, peel, or weaken.


A rare and appealing excellence. Natural Stone has a rare beauty. Like all of nature, the color, texture and 'intricate simpilicty' varies, likewise natural stone does too. Exquisite does not mean more expensive as natural stone can be comparative in cost to some brick paver prices, manufactured countertop and cultured marble.

La Terra Stone may be the area's only and newest natural stone showroom but be confident that we will be around for a long time too. Owner Bryan Marriner has been in the Contracting business for over 26 years.

Come in and visit us in our courtyard setting of natural stone. See for yourself the beauty of natural stone and get ideas for your home or landscape. You are welcome to look around and dream. Thereis no pressure and no sales people will follow you around but we have experts on hand to answer your questions. We fabricate right on the premises and our fabricator has been in the business for 35 years.

So please stop by and see how the beauty of Natural Stone - tavertine, granite, marble, onyx and slate fits into your lifestyle.